First, there was the ordinary beer stein.
Then came the 'Bet You Can't'.
Now, behold the mug of all mugs. Short of drinking from an oversized flower vase, you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger drinking vessel than the 'I Dare You'. The 'I Dare You' Holds nine bottles of beer. Not seven. Not eight. Nine!

I Dare You: Episode 1

It's a Saturday night in the middle of a cold winter in Ontario. What else is there to do except test the limits of the human body? I can't think of anything. The quest begins at 6:33 PM EST.
$5.00 bets are placed on the time when the mission will be completed.


The equivalent of nine bottles of beer are poured into the "I Dare You" from a mini keg of ice cold Beck's beer ... and the drinking begins. Note the two handed technique.

The drinking, and the drinking observation proved to be worthy of ordering some panzo's from the local Pizzaville. Ceremonial headwear was worn to greet the delivery man, who hardly even flinched at the German flags.

One hour and twenty-five minutes into the mission, it is completed. At 7:58 PM EST, the final swig is downed and the "I Dare You" has been conquered. Barry wins the pool as his time of 7:45 was the closest.

The "I Dare You" History Log

Jeff "Beerdeity" Stevens 85 Minutes Feb 2003

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