Becoming a Beer Deity

How Do you Rate?


In order to become a “Beer Deity”, you must dedicate some substantial time and effort, which should not be a problem if you love beer as much as I do. I have developed a rating system to determine what your beer rank is. This is totally created by me, so if you don’t like the criterion – tough! You can earn beer points in several ways. Your beer point total will determine your rank. If you have a beer feat that is not listed here, I am prepared to review it and provide you with a point value. Just e-mail me at: tbd@beerdeity.com


OK, the points should definitely be earned for drinking beer, so for each different type of beer you have had, give yourself 1 point. Be honest now! If you need some help on this, check out the page called “Consumption” It lists the 2,200 different ones I’ve tried.

The Points

1 point for every different kind of beer you have tried (see my list to help remind you)
25 points for every beer festival you have attended
(different festivals; not the same one year after year.)
10 points for every neon beer sign you have.
5 points for every beer tray you have.
2 points for every beer bar towel you have (double the points if you stole it.)
50 points for every major beer challenge you have won (it must be worthy!)
100 points if you have completed Century Club (100 shots of beer in 100 mins.)
5 points for every State or Province you have had a beer in.
20 points if you can recall the last hand-pulled cask ale you had.
10 points for each beer you have made
500 points if you have been to Oktoberfest in Munich.
200 points if you have gone pubbin’ in Britain.
25 points if you don’t drink light beer.
10 points if you know why Weiss Beer is cloudy.
20 points for each beer you find for the TBD to try, that he previously had not!
20 points if you know what differentiates an ale from a lager.
300 points if you have been to Delerium Tremens in Brussels
150 points if you finish all the beer in the “I Dare You” cup (no helpers)
50 points if you finish all the beer in the “Bet You Can’t” cup (no helpers)
200 points if you have competed in the Demon Pot Challenge
50 points if you have had a beer from a full yard glass
50 Points for each Volo Cask Days you have attended
100 points if you have attended 4 or more of the deity’s Beer bash parties







5,000+ points
Überdeity You rule the universe of beer!
3,000- 4,999points Beer Deity – You have arrived!
2,250 to 2,999 points Beer Disciple – You are worthy!
1,750 to 2,249 points
Beer King – Earns Respect.
1,250 to 1,749 points  Beer Knave – Approaching Respect
1,000 to 1,249 points Beer Dude – Not bad for an amateur
750 to 999 points Beer Geek – You drink a lot; so what?
500 to 749 points Beer Wannabe – You need to drink more.
300 to 499 points
Beer Never Was – Who Are You Kidding?
200 to 299 points Beer Fairy –Too busy with ballet to drink?
100 to 199 points Beer Baby – You should stick with milk.
51 to 100 points Beer Loser – Have another Coors Light!
0 to 50 points Beer Weenie - Need we say more?




Jeff S
The Beer Deity 3,596 Points
Jason D
The Man hole 406 Points
Mike G
Leader of the Mountaintop Rescue Team 269 Points


last updated: April 18, 2005