Drinking Establishments Worthy of Your Time

Crescent City Brew House – New Orleans, LA
Picture an open air restaurant in the French Quarter of this old city. You sit at the bar 
quaffing their Hefeweizen, while slurping down freshly shucked oysters and watch all the 
strange people go by. They also have four other great beers worth checking out. A must do 
if your in Nawlins.

Goose Island Brewing – Chicago, IL
When you walk in to this large, airy restaurant, you will be pleasantly surprised by the 
variety of beers made on site. As a matter of fact, you can’t get anything else but their 
beers. The menu is imaginative and the choices are plentiful. I have tried many different 
things, and never have I been disappointed.

The Yard House – Long Beach, CA
If ever you find yourself on the “left coast”, near L.A., and you enjoy draft beer, make the 
trip to Long Beach’s Yard House. In this marina-front restaurant you will find over 200 beer 
on tap at the bar! If that weren’t enough, the food there is very Nouveau Cuisine and is 

Goat Hill Tavern – Costa Mesa, CA
Since you’re already in California, a quick trip on Route 55 towards Costa Mesa is a worthy 
detour. This rustic roadhouse offers at least 55 different kind of draft, and a simple but 
tasty fair. 

The Great Lost Bear – Portland, ME
About as far east as you can get in the US, you will find Portland, Maine. When you get tired
of seafood, you can make your way to The Great Lost Bear. The name may be odd, but the 
atmosphere is relaxed, and they feature at least 35 different local brews. The food is pretty 
good too.

The Monte Carlo Brewery & Casino – Las Vegas, NV
This brew pub features four regularly brewed beers, as well as a seasonal feature beer, which 
changes with the season. If you are brave of heart, make sure you order the 5 litre tower – great 
for sharing.

Quark’s Bar – Hilton Hotel – Las Vegas, NV
No self-respecting Trekkie would dare miss a visit to Quark’s bar, in Vegas. While enjoying 
Romulan Ale or Klingon Blood Draft, you will be accosted by a Borg drone and a couple of 
roving Klingon warriors. The food is definitely out of this world, or at least from another 
world. As well, you can partake of the “Star Trek Experience”, where you get beamed on to 
the Enterprise.

The Clock n’ Hen – Brampton, ON
This cozy little Irish pub is in my neighbourhood, and many a pint has been quaffed here. 
They offer about 15 different draft and pour a mean Black & Tan. The food includes some 
excellent, traditional pub grub, but also features other tasty dishes, like their 
Chicken Curry.

The Biermarket – Toronto, ON
Boasting one of the best selections of beer in the city, The Biermerket is worth the trip 
downtown. They specialize in Belgian beer, but have many other choices. The upscale crowd 
always makes for interesting conversation. The Wienerschnitzel is a menu favorite, so get 
their early to avoid disappointment.

The Fogg & Sudds – Vancouver, BC
This restaurant features a wide selection of bottled beer, from around the world, in a very 
relaxed atmosphere. The menu is loaded with a great variety of delicious dishes.

Dick’s Last Resort – San Antonio, TX
If you find yourself on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, be sure to stop in at Dick’s Last Resort. 
The beer selection isn’t all that special, nor is the food. It’s worth the trip all the same. I 
won’t spoil the surprise as to why though. I’ll let you find out for yourself.

Thunder Canyon Brewery – Tucson, AZ
Despite its location in a mall, this brew pub/restaurant has a lot of character. The selection of
Thunder Canyon beers is worth the visit, plus they brew a mean root beer to boot. Food selections 
are unique and many incorporate their beer in them.


last updated: April 18, 2005