Rogue Seahorse Pale Ale – Rogue Ales, Newport, OR


Appearance: Cloudy apricot, thin head

Aroma: Malty citrus

Taste: Prelude of hoppiness with a citrus finish

Mouth-feel: Smooth, low fizz


The Deity says: "Buy this mother again."


Panil Barrique Oak-Aged Sour Red Ale – Birrificio Torrechiara, Parma Italy

Appearance: Heavily clouded rusted copper, yeast saturated

Aroma: Musty, sour

Taste: Sour, hints of rotten apple

Mouth-feel: Astringent


The Deity says: "Why God? Why? "


Dokta Hops says: "Urghhhh"


Johnny LaBrew says: "It's chewy!"


Johnny LaBrew's face tells the story on this one!


Avoid at all costs.

Mojo India Pale Ale – Boulder Beer Co, Boulder, CO


Appearance: Golden with slight cloudiness, low head

Aroma: Hops!

Taste: Hoppy yet smooth

Mouth-feel: Smooth, low carbination


The Deity says: "Sweet mother of beer!"


Dokta Hops says: "If you see it, buy it."


SOD says: "Hit me again, I like hop pain!"


Bear Tribute Ale – Bear Republic Brewing, Healdsburg, CA


Appearance: Chestnut red, clear with low head

Aroma: Roasted nuts

Taste: Smokey coffee malt with sweet finish

Mouth-feel: Smooth, damn smooth


The Deity says: "It makes my liver want to Dance."


Dokta Hops says: "Starbucks, meet booze."


SOD says: "Java!"


Johnny LaBrew says: "Chocko-beer!"


Circus Boy Hefeweizen – Magic Hat Brewing


Appearance: Hazy golden

Aroma: None

Taste: Peppery start, citrus body, very smooth, mild finish



The Deity says: "I'm quandered."


SOD says: "WTF...raspberry."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Not Magic Hat's finest work."


Dokta Hops says: "Dosen't taste like Magic Hat ."


Urthel Quadrium Ale – The Leverth Breweries, Flanders


Appearance: Opaguely orange, rich creamy head

Aroma: Malty nose

Taste: Rich malty flavour with strong alcohol finish

Mouth-feel: Malty, smooth


The Deity says: "I want to shave my knuckles while drinking this beer."


Dokta Hops says: "Low drinkablility."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Don't drink this."


SOD says: "Not to be taken nasally."


Whale’s Tale Pale Ale – Cisco Brewery, Nantucket


Appearance: August sunset, slightly overcast

Aroma: Carmel

Taste: Carmelly flavour, highly drinkable

Mouth-feel: Carmelly and smooth


The Deity says: "Does not resemble a pale ale."


Dokta Hops says: "I'm iffy on it"


Johnny LaBrew says: "It's not kicking my nuts."


Wachusett India Pale Ale – Wachusett Brewing, Mass.


Appearance: Golden, slightly cloudy

Aroma: Mild, Hoppy

Taste: Smooth, well balanced hoppy flavour

Mouth-feel: Smooth, silky


The Deity says: "A fine example of an IPA."


Dokta Hops says: "A true, American IPA".


Johnny LaBrew says: "You can't buy this in Canada? Damn. "


SOD says: "It ranks in my top 10... "


Blithering Idiot Barley Wine Ale – Weyerbacher Brewing


Appearance: Rusty red and cloudy

Aroma: ???????

Taste: Strong, wine overtones

Mouth-feel: Full, blecht


The Deity says: "Eww."


Dokta Hops says: "I told you that clown was a jackass..."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Aw f__k."


SOD says: "It tastes like frickin' wine! "


Frostbite Ale – Lake Placid Brewing, Lake Placid, NY


Appearance: Copper cloudy red

Aroma: Mild hops

Taste: Full malt flavour with a hoppy puch

Mouth-feel: Rich and smooth


The Deity says: "Looks like I'm going back to Buffalo."


Dokta Hops says: "Tilo very rikey."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Where did the hot tub ceramic man go?"


SOD says: "I'm wet."


EBC Pale Ale – Ellicottville Brewing Co., Ellicottville, NY


Appearance: Clear gold

Aroma: Citrus hoppy nose

Taste: Smooth citrus with a hop finish

Mouth-feel: Crisp


The Deity says: "One of the better American pale ales I've tried."


Dokta Hops says: "Solid American pale!"


Johnny LaBrew says: "Buy me a case for Easter!"


Porter Dark – Southern Tier Brewing, Lakewood, NY


Appearance: Black, small head

Aroma: Robust, coffee

Taste: Smooth smokey coffee

Mouth-feel: Smooth and soothing


The Deity says: "Chocolaty goodness."


Dokta Hops says: "Smooth, dark yet robust - very good."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Stouty."


Ithica Apricot Wheat – Ithica Beer Co., Ithica, NY


Appearance: Light yellow

Aroma: Stong, fruity apricot nose

Taste: Sweet apricot, smooth

Mouth-feel: Light


The Deity says: "I feel like Pippy Longstocking."


Dokta Hops says: "It would go good with cheesecake."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Where's my dress?"


SOD says: "Fruity."


Beast Bitter – Middle Ages Brewing Co., Syracuse, NY


Appearance: Amber cloudy

Aroma: Citrus

Taste: Malty, hoppy citrus

Mouth-feel: Bitter


The Deity says: "The beast released."


Dokta Hops says: "Not bad."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Hmmmm? Bitter citrus?"


Hoptical Illusion IPA – Blue Point Brewing, Long Island, NY


Appearance: Golden skies, partly cloudy

Aroma: Sharp hop nose

Taste: Citrus, hop, pinapple punch

Mouth-feel: Hoppy and smooth


The Deity says: "We have a winner."


Dokta Hops says: "A great NY micro."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Wow, this comes from Long Island?"


SOD says: "#3" + "Me like Titums."


90 Minute IPA – Dogfishhead Brewing, Lewes, DE


Appearance: Clear golden

Aroma: Lovely hop nose

Taste: Hops with an edge

Mouth-feel: Hearty


The Deity says: "One of the more complex IPA's."


Dokta Hops says: "Two stage hop punch..."


Johnny LaBrew says: "The legend is true... thank you!"


Pride of Milford Special Ale – Cooperstown Brewing, Milford, NY


Appearance: Light coppery colour

Aroma: Light malt, caramel

Taste: Winey apricot

Mouth-feel: Bitter


The Deity says: "Not worth the drive to Acton."


Dokta Hops says: It's okay."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Not for me, but go ahead..."


War of 1812 Amber – Sacketts Harbor Brewing


Appearance: Slight golden haze

Aroma: Mild aroma

Taste: Mild malt flavour

Mouth-feel: Blah


The Deity says: "Damn good thing we won the war..."


Dokta Hops says: "No draw, no taste."


Johnny LaBrew says: "Hello...taste?"


JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale – High Falls Brewing, NY


Appearance: Golden clarity

Aroma: Light hoppy citrus

Taste: Smooth, crisp, clean

Mouth-feel: Crisp


The Deity says: "Fneh."


Dokta Hops says: "Not bad."


Johnny LaBrew says: "I was standing in the middle of the road and found this beer."


California Brown Ale – North Coast Brewing, Ft. Bragg, CA


Appearance: Copper cloudy

Aroma: Malty nose

Taste: Nutty brown carmel

Mouth-feel: Smoot


The Deity says: "Screw in jelly bean."


Dokta Hops says: "Another reason I want to go to Calli..."


Johnny LaBrew says: "A walk in the park on a boring day."


St. Arnold Lawnmower Ale – St. Arnold Brewing, Houston, TX


Appearance: Light, piss yellow

Aroma: None

Taste: Light wheat flavour, no aftertaste

Mouth-feel: Boring


The Deity says: "Lawnmower? Try Nomower."


Dokta Hops says: "Very bland."


Johnny LaBrew says: "This is beer? It tastes like nothing."


Black Jacks Black Lager – Great Lakes Brewing, Toronto, ON


Appearance: Dark chocolate

Aroma: Slight malt, roasty characters

Taste: Smokey soapy blah

Mouth-feel: Not worth mentioning


The Deity says: "It's smooth crap."


Dokta Hops says: "Don't buy it."


Johnny LaBrew says: "What is this sh_t ?"


Hocus Pocus Summer Wheat Ale – Magic Hat Brewing, Burlington, VT


Appearance: Banana Yellow

Aroma: Slight hoppy citrus nose

Taste: citrus, light malt

Mouth-feel: Light


The Deity says: "Quaffable."


Dokta Hops says: "Drinkability is medium-high."


Johnny LaBrew says: "It would be great on a dock."



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